Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sod's Law

My gym holdall hangs lifelessly, inside-out from the rotary washing line in the garden. My wash-bag is dripping over a towel in the spare bedroom. The unwashable cardboard inners to both these things have been wiped down and sit in various basins. My plastic over-trousers are hanging in the shower, dripping dry. Suds come up from the plug-hole whenever I use a basin. The clean duvet cover, bed-linen changed not half an hour before, has a couple of large orange stains on it.

Sod's law says that if something can go wrong it will.

The second inversion says that this will happen at the worst possible time.

The third inversion adds that this will take place so as to cause maximum inconvenience and expense.

So, which of the three bottles of shower-product in my gym bag spent three days upside-down with the top slightly open? Was it the £1 bottle of quarter full tea tree and mint shampoo from Tesco? Was it the £7 bottle of half full American Crew conditioner? Or was it the new, full £16 bottle of Molten Brown shower gel?

And did I discover it as I took my stuff out of the wardrobe? Or did I only notice once my bag had sat on the newly changed bed for a few minutes while I tracked down clean gym kit?

And was this at a quiet moment in the day or just before I was heading out for an appointment?

Do you have to ask?

By the way the plastic over-trousers were sitting at the bottom of the wardrobe under the gym bag and caught the leakage in there, preventing damage to the wardrobe floor. So there is some good news. Also, the whole house smells lovely.

Thank you. Good morning.


Anonymous said...

If it was molten and brown, no wonder it leaked...

Caroline Too said...

have you come across Harrigan's corollary?

which states that Murphy (Sod) was an optimist