Friday, October 23, 2009


I have almost finished the epic task of labelling nearly 2,000 posts. If you are a new blogger please learn from this and do it from the beginning. On September 10th I said the task would take me three weeks and it turns out to have been double that.

I think I have become clearer in my use of labels as I have worked through the task so some of my early efforts might have had too specific a label, later ones I may have ignored some more appropriate possibilities. I'll tweak the system as I go but it gives a general idea of what sort of things I write about.

Click on a label and all the posts under that heading will be appear in chronological order.

Interesting that my key labels have been, in current order:

Church (which is, after all, my work)
Biography (by which I mean posts that tell you more about me than any other subject)
Life Skills (things worth learning or mistakes best not making - call it 'wisdom')
Book review

I think this list does express my interests in about the right order. My family will all understand that coming 12th says nothing about what they mean to me.


Marcella said...

You missed "Funny" which is almost the same count as "Church". I think that sums you up quite nicely...

St said...

I don't seem capable of writing a post without a joke, or an attempt at one, so I'm trying to fade out that label unless the entire post is meant to be humorous.

Ali said...

You are to be commended on your efforts. Though a large (lazy, let's admit it) part of me screams 'why bother?!'

Marcella said...

"I don't seem capable of writing a post without a joke, or an attempt at one"

Yup, that's why I keep coming here - you slide the truth in, hidden in a joke. I feel sure there's precedent for that in the New Testament...