Tuesday, October 27, 2009


David Keen has tagged me. I don't normally respond to tags or tag others but he did it so nicely and described me as an influence on his blog. Brilliant that you influence someone to start a blog and then they go off and do it so much better than you. It helps me to get in touch with my inner trainer.

So he has posted here about blogs who have influenced him and invites us to go and do likewise.

So my thanks go to Seb, who put me on to blogging in the first place but who has long since disappeared from my circle. One of the first blogs I found was Jonny Baker's. It's a hub of links to emerging church, events, photography (top class) and music with regular ideas for worship events and activities called worship tricks. I still call in a lot. Thanks.

Bishop Alan posts regularly from the higher echelons of Anglicanism. He makes good use of photographs and images to add to his well-written text. Expect comments on the church and the general news with Christian insights. Updated very regularly.

Simon, at Life, the Universe and Everything doesn't like religious faith (not sure I like the adjective 'religious' either) and says so. I visit his blog to find out what the opposition are saying and we've commented on each other's posts over the years. Possibly a sense of grudging respect might describe our relationship. I've enjoyed the battle of wits.

So, if any of you three read this then feel free to pay it forward.


Simon said...

Hey Stephen, I'm flattered. One Christmas we should climb out of our trenches and play football or something. Then we can go back to shooting at each other again. ;)

St said...

Genius. But if you ever call me Stephen again...