Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wake-up Poetry

Turned on Radio 4 and heard Dreadlock Alien previewing the Poetry Slam programme:

I wanna slam-dunk your metaphors
Through the hoop of hope


Good morning world how you today?
Your rhyme alarm is here to stay
I'll take your day and fix it fine
Here's wake-up words in the mainline.

Some volleyed greetings in your goal
And putted whispers in your hole
Drop kicked through the posts of life
I'll call you, but not rouse the wife

Your breakfast egg is being cracked
Today's luggage freshly packed
Get up, stand up to this metre
Yes, I did turn on the heater

Smell the coffee; hear the news
Downstairs to shake off the blues
And if you still don't stop your nap
My posse's coming in to rap

Their attitude is more like heavy
Espresso their start-up bevvie
Rhyming 'til yo ears bleed
Alarming with a jumping lead

Stop yo dreaming; leave yo bed
The bassline will mess with yo head
No more cuddles for you bro
Get up from your heave and ho

You still not here I'll call the cops
They'll break the door in minutes - tops
So stir my homey says this dread
I will only excuse the dead.

Good morning.

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