Saturday, September 19, 2009

Poetry Challenge

Last night's challenge. A poem about playing the didgeridoo to include the words:

Jelly baby
Golden Ring
Beth Wilkinson
Duck Billed Platypus

Anyone sense a southern-hemisphere theme coming on.

Ode to Beth
Once a jolly swagman
Sat by a billabong
Wishing he had something useful to do
He'd consumed jelly babies
And fancied that maybe
He'd missed out for supper on roast kangaroo.

Down by the lake
Was a male duck (a drake)
And although it appeared his decision was daft
He decided to hunt
Not with dinghy or punt
But chased after his food on his mate's hovercraft

This man had a Sheila
Well you should have seen her
A fine looking woman; a wonderful Mum
His kids were devoted
(He thought as he boated)
He dreamed of his lover, dear Beth Wilkinson

This story is sad
I know that is bad
But Wilkinson's hunting developed a fuss
He gave a hearty choke
Coughed up an artichoke,
Carrots, peas, fries and duck-billed platypus.

In anguish he cried
And fell over the side
His dinner had killed him; of this we now sing
With Wilkinson dead
Now on the lake's bed
One day we will find his ornate golden ring

We now sing this love song
It doesn't last long
But dear Beth requires another to woo
She has only one question
'Mate, how's your digestion?'
I lost one through chokin' please don't make it two

And so she did hitch
To a musically rich
Native Australian bushman called Boo
He plays her to sleep
And allows her to weep
To the mournful refrain of his didgeridoo.


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