Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Plum Crisp

Too many plums? Bored of pies and crumbles? Grateful thanks then to Nigel Slater for this from his kitchen diary and the idea of plum crisp.

Halve plums, remove stones and layer on bottom of buttered dish. Give a small sprinkle of cinnamon and then cover with a mixture of white breadcrumbs and dark sugar. Then pour some melted butter over that lot. His suggestion is:

1 kg plums
125 gms breadcrumbs
75 gms sugar
75 gms butter

35 mins in a medium oven then serve with vanilla ice cream. Terrific.


Gill said...

Otherwise known as 'charlotte' I believe?

St said...

Is 'charlotte' a generic term for sugar, butter and bread crumbs on top of something? Always wondered.

Dave Gordon said...

And for a little umph/oomph? I thought to dehydrate the plum halves in the oven before re-hydrating them with sherry ... will comment the outcome :)'