Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My friend Rory sent this silver picture of a church in the heart of the community as a small memento of a quarter of a century since my ordination on 30/9/84.

It was at Hucknall Parish Church. Jon (aged 2) pulled Liz's beads so hard they broke and dropped to the floor in a cascade of seemingly ever-lasting pearl-on-tile echoiness.

The Bishop of Southwell did the deed. Best line of dialogue from the rehearsal:

'How would it be most seemly for me to share the peace with the candidates?'

'I'd come down off the dais Bishop.'

I vowed then that I would cause more damage to the machine as a piece of grit within than as a rock-thrower outside. Here's to 26.


Mike Peatman said...

I was there. Now I feel old! Remember you said I was the only one who smiled

Di said...

Here's to 26 and that piece of grit! Keep chipping away.