Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I sat drinking a coffee in my conservatory, watching the dawn break over Trendlewood. I don't know whether I've changed my life permanently but after seven successive week days of setting an alarm for 5.20 a.m. (yes, children, there are two 5.20s every day) today I woke up naturally at 5.13. Off to our August 6.00 a.m. prayer time in church now.

Mind you, not as awake as I thought. Spectacularly failed to open a deodorant quietly and the top flew across the room and bounced behind the dressing table. Now that's not a noise you want to wake to. I expect Mrs T will be having words with me later.

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Ali said...

Isn't it funny (or not) how you wake up a couple of minutes before the alarm in the mornings. It'll take you months to recover from this!