Sunday, August 16, 2009


Famous people with your same ENTP personality include: Alexander the Great, Thomas Edison, Weird Al Yankovic, Tom Hanks, Alfred Hitchcock and Celine Dion.

This from the analysis of my Facebook test - a short version of the real thing. Now excuse me a moment but does anyone know? I mean really know, how many of the above actually did a Myers Briggs personality-type indicator test?

Maybe the lack of interest in completing and finishing, moving from one interest to another explains a lot - Edison's 100 plus patents, Hanks' various roles all being a bit the same, weird Al ripping off hundreds of different artists, the lovely Celine's list of rubbish songs going on and on like her heart. But Alexander the Great. Did he wish to conquer at first but then got bored and simply globe-trotted as an aggressor?

I think we should be told. Meanwhile I'm bored and will post on something else in a bit. This could have been funny. I'm not easily bored - just drawn that way.

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Darren said...

I got bored just answering the questions, but I did end up an ENTP as well. I'm wondering if the switch from an I to an E is a change in my preferences or just becasue the facebook test was as in depth as an episode of Hollyoaks :)