Monday, August 03, 2009

Early Doors

I swear the words never came out of my brain, only my mouth. You see the question was, 'How can we be sure that we've got our vision right?' And the only answer is to be sure we've properly prayed it through - extra prayer, not just redirected existing prayer.

So I voiced a suggestion, just a suggestion mind, that we cancel business meetings in August evenings and make it a month of prayer. Good idea, said everyone. And so that we can make it possible for everyone who is at work to join in we should start really early, say 6.00 a.m. That was the bit that came out of my mouth without bothering to trouble any thought processes on the way through. Wow, said everyone, that's commitment.

Three days later I heard this being talked about by two other people, not as a suggestion but as a decision. And it seemed right that the clergy should lead by example and in August by and large that's me.

Today five people joined me for an hour's Morning Prayer at 6.00 a.m. and the time flew past. I'm quite looking forward to tomorrow. There will, from then, be a prayer journal in church so anyone can write down thoughts and ideas as they pray.

Join me once this month eh?

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