Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whoop Whoop

Having read, marked and inwardly digested Dawkins and Hitchens recently, the better to be equipped to debate in the market place, a couple of books come along which, although barely begun, have me whooping with delight at the language, the content and the sheer imagination of the collected ideas. If I am doing nothing else over the next few days you will find me with my head in:

Reason, Faith and Revolution - Reflections on the God Debate by Terry Eagleton in the Terry Lecture series.

The Case for God - What Religion Really Means by Karen Armstrong.


Mr Gnome said...

Hurrah! KA is known to some fans as 'nun the wiser'.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Im from Australia.

None of that is really of any use.

None of these players of rhetorical word games are going to change their EMOTIONAL disposition which is at the root of their ideological, whether "religious" or atheist.

Please check out these references instead.

St said...

Wishing you bad luck in the cricket.