Monday, July 13, 2009


A few years ago Trendlewood Church began having a weekend away at home. The aim is purely social - lots of events to which people can be invited as guests - and from Friday evening to Sunday lunch there are several things from which to chose. You can go to all the events or none.

Saturday day time involves several outdoor events and the weather forecast for BS48 was really grim. We were promised light rain from 10.00 until 15.00 then heavy rain. As it happened all the event organisers went for it and a day on the beach, a cycle ride, a tacky shopping trip and a walk in the country all involved more sunscreen than umbrella.

Three minutes after we got back from our walk the heavens opened and the heavy rain began, persisting all evening so that a barbecue was, as usual in England, enjoyed huddled under gazebos.

Sunday's forecast was equally poor and a huge shower fell at about 0900 so we took the decision to move our lunchtime picnic in the park to our house. It was lovely all day and I have never seen so many people sitting on the chairs in our garden while children played board games in a sweltering conservatory. Not a drop of rain had fallen by dusk.

Today the forecast says 'light rain' for 0700. It is a beautiful Somerset morning and I am about to put the washing out for a bit. If we can't even get the weather that is happening right now correct what chance have we got of forecasting it?

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RuthJ said...

Question is, what forecast are you consulting? If for Bristol, they have an entirely different micro-climate and may well have experienced the forecast weather.

If you know of a Nailsea forecast I'd like to hear about it!