Thursday, July 30, 2009

Special Screening

Having been invited to contribute to Damaris' tie-in resources to be published alongside the film Creation I was able to get to go to a special screening at the Odeon, Covent Garden yesterday. I won't write a review of the film yet. I'm sure all the other media types who were there understand that there are rules about when reviews can be published. As a gate-crasher in the the house of luvvie no-one told me. To be on the safe side I'll leave it a bit.

There was one screen with 'Special Screening' over the door and we all got ticked off a guest list (well some did - by the time the doors opened there was a scrum and anyone could have walked in). It was a joy to see a film without previews and adverts for a change.

Fascinating also to be given a copy of the production notes including the wonderful line, 'For talent requests and further information please contact...' I expect that means something about interviewing stars not, 'Please may I have some talent.' The notes include a copy of the synopsis, details of the cast and crew and location and background notes.

Creation is coming out to coincide with this year being the 150th anniversary of Darwin's 'On the Origins of Species.' It's an enjoyable film. Comes out 25th September.

I am getting better at writing in the dark.

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