Sunday, July 19, 2009


Peter arrived at church this morning and handed me a piece of paper with this quote on:

Let us beware of being convinced that we know what it would look like for God to be at work in this place and be convinced instead that it looks like this.

'That's rather good' I said, taking the paper. 'Who said that?'

A few weeks ago Peter came up to me after a sermon and asked if he could have a copy of my last sentence as he thought it was very helpful. I had ad-libbed the last sentence. It was one of those sermons where I knew so clearly what I had to say that all I had by way of notes was a piece of paper with three words on it. There was no script. I forgot the conversation.

Peter had obtained the recording, listened to it, transcribed the last sentence and handed it to me. Not recognising my own work I said 'That's rather good.' Trapped into a complete lack of humility.

So, after recording nearly 2,000 quotes over the years for use in future sermons I have finally achieved notoriety. I am going to put one of my own quotes in my book.

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Mr Gnome said...

Looks as if we both had a bard time over the weekend!

So pleased you enjoyed TwelFth Night.