Friday, July 31, 2009

New Media

'I can't see the point of new social media. How do you have time to do Facebook?'

A number of people have said that to me and I guess there is only one answer. If you want to do something badly enough you always find the time for it.

Last Wednesday an old friend noticed my Facebook status of 'going to London' and offered to meet me for a drink if I got there an hour early, which I did. We then spent a very happy 75 minutes in a conversation which began, 'So, how have the last 20 years been?' Brilliant.

A second thought. For those of us who love the content of inter-action, as compared to the emotion of it, a conversation through social media is perfect. A relationship is reduced to content alone and as far as I am concerned that is fine. In fact I can build up a content-based relationship to the point where I fancy I might like to meet the other person but to have to do emotional engagement at too early a stage is not my preference.

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