Tuesday, June 02, 2009


From a very early age I learned to dread the expression, 'It's going to be a beautiful summer's day.' For me, early summer means hay fever. Only a short season, but a bad one. I have a control mechanism. For a couple of weeks a year I try to stay indoors and keep the doors and windows shut. It used to be Wimbledon fortnight but that seems to have become later, or the spores start earlier. Then we started timing our annual leave to match it. The pollen season has started before that too. So please be aware that, despite the non-drowsy tabs I've popped, you will feel that I am more not-quite-there even than usual for a few days.


Chris said...

Tree pollen sufferer then? Emma is too. I suffer more in the grass pollen season, here's a handy pollen trend chart:

Pollen Calendar

Caroline Too said...

oodles of sympathy, st... I've just suffered from Hay Fever for the first time (at the ripe old age of 52) but I seem to be emerging out of the 'other end' of my bad spell, it's a strange old thing isn't it?