Sunday, June 07, 2009


In the middle of a long ponder under warm water the other day my eyes chanced upon the row of hair and body care products my household uses. There is an alarming nomenclature crossover between things designed to clean you up and posh food:
  • Black pepper recharge body wash
  • Plum kadu volumiser mousse
  • Cassia conditioner
  • Tea-tree and mint shampoo
  • Sphagnum tingle moisturiser
Which one did I make up?


MikeF said...

Black pepper recharge body wash.

Well, that's my guess, anyway. (I must confess I'd noticed the same sort of thing in this bathroom, too!)

Anonymous said...

My guess is the same but will we ever know! My bathroom has been streamlined since children left home and we now only have his and hers - one each. Thats one body wash, one shampoo and one conditioner each. DK

Mike Peatman said...

sphagnum tingle? Made up name!

Ali said...

its not the black pepper ... that I believe is a Molton Brown product.

its not the tea tree and mint, thats a favourite round these parts.

Plum mousse sounds ridiculously more like something you'd eat than put in your hair, I'm going for that, so it's probably not that either!

Caroline Too said...

I'm with Ali on this (although I take Mike's point abou the moisturiser name... umm... undecided... no, I'm going with Ali on the plum mousse, with the lead piping in the vicar's study...

MikeF said...

OK I cheated. There, I've said it. Mea maxima culpa! I used Google. Now I know the answer.

Try Bing too, if you like... it comes out the same.

But I shan't spoil the fun. You must decide for yourself whether to use technologically underhand means, or mere cheek and guesswork...


Col. Algernon Mustard

Mr Gnome said...

One adores the exoticism of the modern bathroom.

How very different from 1950s austerity when the most exciting element of bathtime was the pinky aroma emanating from the tin of Gumption.

Anyone remember Gumption?


On entering the salle de bain I sssume my alternative identity of raffish actor-manager Sir Armitage Shanks and proceed to indulge myself in a torrent of ludicrously be-monikered toiletries, unguents and libations.

Heaven on toast.

MikeF said...

Gumption! Now there's a smell, and a texture, to conjure with... Right in there with Sunlight Soap and Reckitt's Blue Bags.

Strewth. I'm getting old. I must be. I bought my first computer, a BBC Model B, when I was well into my 30s.


St said...

OK I admit I made up the sphagnum tingle but I bet it won't be long before it exists.