Friday, May 22, 2009

What Does the Vicar Do All Day Part 154 or Something

Haven't done one of these for a while and it's been an interesting week. Rumours that I only do this when I've had a really busy week without time for quiet, prayer or contemplation are pretty much spot on. I therefore make the promise that I will chronicle the first week at random requested in the comment box.

Sunday 17th
0730 Hour's preparation and prayer
0930 Travel to Trendlewood Church to preach, preside and co-lead a presentation on our church buildings projects
1230 Home to entertain two families ( 4 adult guests and 4 children) for Sunday lunch. Thankfully the ham and chicken provide the basic content for most of my meals for the rest of the week
1530 Tidy up (30 mins)

Monday 18th
0800 Desk for admin and prayer then travel to...
0900 Morning Prayer, brief chat in parish office, then on to...
0945 Hour's supervision meeting with colleague
1100 Desk for admin and preparation (2 hours)
1400 Further desk time (2 hours)
1720 To Bristol to hear Marcus du Soutoy (Home 1935)

Tuesday 19th
0800 Desk for admin and prayer (1 hour)
1000 Church staff meeting (2 hours)
1200 Pastoral appointment (1 hour)
1315 Drive to Wells for Diocesan Mission and Evangelism group meeting (home 1730)
1920 Church Council (part-chaired) major discussion on buildings projects (home 2005)

Wednesday 20th
0730 Desk for admin and prayer (1 hour)
1000 Pastoral appointment ( 50 mins)
1100 Desk for admin and preparation (90 mins)
1245 Visit parish office and then on to Trendlewood Pastoral Group meeting (ends 1430)
1530 Desk for admin (clear email in box) then travel to
1730 Evening Prayer (home 1815)
1900 Travel to Deanery Synod (our church is hosting) (home 2200 after thanking and encouraging contributors and refreshments providers then rearranging furniture)
2200 Desk for one piece of final admin I promised someone I'd do (30 mins)

Thursday 21st
0715 Gather food for staff prayer breakfast then travel and prepare
0800 Prayer breakfast and wash up
0920 Reading and prep in Upper Room at Church whilst waiting for
1010 Ascension Day Communion (play keys as people enter)
1030 Lead, preach and preside at this short, said service (21 present)
1130 Travel to Cheddar (45 mins) then eat sandwich in car and stretch legs
1300 Christian Union at Kings of Wessex School (lively discussion on homosexuality) (home1435)
1500 Pastoral meeting. Interviewed by local clergyman doing MA on Fresh Expressions of Church and the Eucharist. Mind stretching time. Good questions. (one hour)
1815 Evening looking after children for church family while adults go to movies. Some of our church families use up their regular baby-sitters attending church meetings. 90 minutes of games and stories then catch up on newspapers (home 2240).

Friday 22nd
Day off.

Saturday 23rd
Tomorrow I will do such preparation and reactive ministry as comes my way but I have no appointments.


RuthJ said...

Sounds like a very short church council meeting unless you ducked out early! Or maybe the home time is a year - in which case must've been a time-slip.

St said...

Spotted. 2205 correct.

Anonymous said...

Request a report on the week containing 26th June.

No idea what is timtetabled for that week. It's just plucked out of the air.

Jonathan Potts said...

Nearly went to see Marcus du Sautoy myself - lots of my maths bod friends were there. Did you enjoy it?

St said...

Loved it. Guy is not only a great mathemetician but fantastic communicator to non-mathemeticians. I learned some preaching skills, as well as why it looks as if lemmings commit suicide.

Anonymous said...

Interesting! Never let it be said clergymen work hard!

St said...