Saturday, May 02, 2009


I'm off to the great venture re-union 25th this afternoon. The Tilley/Myers/Clucas CYFA Venture, founded at Great Ayton in 1985 has survived a quarter century, almost. To the left is Roseberry Topping which we used to ramble up and abseil off. I hear the voice of an old teacher in my ear whispering, 'Tilley - up which we used to ramble and off which we used to abseil.' I love knowing the rules they taught me.

Typical of our venture to celebrate the 25th occasion, meaning it is only 24 years since we started. Beautifully and creatively pedantic. I'm so proud.

I left in 2002 after only eighteen years in leadership and four different sites (after Ayton came Ellesmere, Bentham and Lancaster. It is now at St Bees). It will be good to catch up with so many people who date their Christian leadership to some time on our venture and to meet the team who have taken it on.

Laters. Embarrassing photos will surely appear here tomorrow. Some of you might want to be phoning your lawyers.

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dmk said...

I remember coming on one of those and listening to live commentary of Linford Christie winning a 100m final during dinner one night. Bizarrely, that's my strongest memory from the camp!!

Great time of year to do Roseberry, if the bluebells are still out.