Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Football Chants

Apologies to MSS readers who don't do football. Come back later. But the occasional footie post does keep the traffic flowing. Quick tip to those who want to generate hits from search engines - blog on a wide variety of subjects.

The Observer Sport monthly had a wonderful essay on football chants by Tom Lamont. Many of you will be familiar with your own club's unique take on these.

One weird thing he pointed out was the ubiquity of the tune Guantanamera. It fits so many pithy one-liners. Two of his examples are:

Sing when you're winning; you only sing when you're winning.

Sacked in the morning; you're getting sacked in the morning.

But I recall hearing:

Score in a minute; we're going to score in a minute (not at the Hawthorns of course)

Come in a taxi; did you come in a taxi? (When the away support is thin)

And a delight to see Alan Shearer smile at Anfield on Sunday at:

Stayed on the tele; you should have stayed on the tele.

Once, accused of:

You're not boinging any more... (Tune: Bread of Heaven)

The Baggies faithful responded accurately and helpfully with:

Boing when we're winning; we only boing when we're winning.

But my favourite ever came from the mighty North Bank of the new Windmill Stadium (sic). The 350 or so who watched Leamington FC abused another team (and I even forget who) with:

Small town near Warwick; you're just a small town near Warwick.


Mike Peatman said...

Can't remember any distinctive Morecambe words to this tune (at least not one printable in MSS)

We do always have "Bring Me Sunshine" [Morecambe and Wise TV show theme tune for those too young or overseas readers] before and after the match, of course

Ali said...

Same tunes, different sport:

At Glasgow: You're just a suburb of Edinburgh

Also at Glasgow: Are you Borders*? Are you Borders? Are you Borders in disguise?

* Scottish Borders team, so poor now defunct

At Ulster home match this season (it's been a very poor one for us): We are Borders, we are Borders, we are Borders in disguise!

I'll stop now