Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well what a week it's been. Apologies that there have been fewer posts than usual recently but, what with the atmosphere in the newspapers and other media, MSS felt it essential to clean its own moat and change its own light bulbs this week. Of course everything MSS has claimed under the heading 'expenses' has been entirely within the rules set down by a clergy-dominated synodical system so fair play is guaranteed. We would however like it to be known that 'reading breaks' will in future be held more locally and almost always on this continent and that reimbursed claims for the mortgage on the Diocesan tied accommodation have all been re-reimbursed.

To weightier matters. Oh, except for this. Notice this list below of the total amount now repaid by MPs:

Liberal Democrat.........£2,754.76


Is it just possible that the Guardian, in the way it typeset these figures, was grinding an axe of any sort? I only ask.

It is amazing that politicians now have the opportunity of enjoying the sort of corporate reputation some clergy experience when a local priest is sent to jail for child abuse, or found to have committed some other misdemeanour. The guilty get safely locked away or moved on and the innocent take the brunt of the verbals. There are honest politicians who haven't taken advantage of the system but no-one seems to care. They will have to do a few years of outstanding public service to get their reputations back. In the meantime there may be inroads for a few good, local independents who stand on the issues and can drum up support.

For the forthcoming European elections I have had material from the Labour Party (don't trust the conservatives) and the BNP (don't trust anyone not from round here). I think the general view might be not to vote for anyone. It's tempting but I won't do it. I may end up voting for the person who is least bad of a bad bunch but I will vote.

It's been the sort of week where a digest of what has happened seems to be stuck on 'repeat.' As Ian Hislop said on Have I Got News for You last night, it is amazing that any of these fiddling stories would have been the headline any other week. Once again MSS needs to offer its resignation from the world of satire due to unreasonable competition from real life.

Now, where did we put that tax return?

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Marcella said...

It's been quite a week, hasn't it! I'm starting to quite like banks and estate agents...

The word verifiction for this comment is "ionative" - an adjective describing contemplative worship, perhaps?