Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beer and Footie

I managed to clear my evening diary so that I spent last night eating curry and drinking Tiger Beer in front of the Champions League Final. Thank you for neither organising a surprise birthday party or having a pastoral emergency. Appreciate it.

Privilege to watch the game as a neutral. Barcelona were outstanding and Man Utd only very slightly below par. Barca had three clear chances; two goals. Kept the ball for ages when they got it. Didn't mind passing to a marked player and trusted him not to lose it. No bookings. Perfect zonal marking when out of possession. Glad I watched it. Football of the highest quality.


RuthJ said...

Don't mention it - it was nothing!

Happy late birthday.

jw said...

Best gsme sine Pompey v Milan in November. Two great teams, evenly matched.

Mark said...

there was a booking

St said...

Quite right Mark. Sorry.