Friday, April 10, 2009


Conspiracy theory? Dangerous gift of prophecy? You decide. The following story is true:

Last Sunday those of us leading worship were asked to give out a notice explaining that there were no more tickets available for a particular event, although due to a misprint in the parish news-sheet we had accidentally suggested that there were.

I am aware that people become bored by my voice. Hell, I get bored with my voice. So, aware that the notice had already been given out three times that Sunday, at the evening service I joked it up a bit. I said that the letter W, which had crept into the text turning the word no into now, had been banned from the parish office for one week. Some people, not enough, but some, were kind enough to chuckle.

On Monday morning I picked up the lovely special order of service for Holy Week which my colleague had painstakingly prepared. The words of the Gloria now read:

As it is in the beginning, is not and shall be for ever.

Come back W, all is forgiven. Otherwise it will be Lo Sunday followed by Hitsun.


Coffee Rum Gateau said...

Wanting to say thanks so much for such a moving hour at the cross service, underground music was fab and your playing at the end. I even did some writing between having my eyes closed. It was such a great creative space to feel and grow in understanding of what it means to sit for an hour at the foot of the cross. Would love to support creative/spiritual spaces. So thanks again it got deeper than any Easter egg could.

St said...

Thanks. I have identified the music I used on the next post.

Andy Foulsham said...

Thanks for this - cheered me up enormously at the end of a busy day with a meeting about a homegroup to fill the evening!
All the best,