Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Strange Encounters in the Street

It never ceases to surprise me that people will say the most remarkable things to a stranger in the street if that stranger happens to be wearing a dog collar. Today:

Stranger (male aged about 40)
My God, you're a priest!

Are you surprised?

No, I'm delighted.

(He walks on)


Mr Gnome said...


I think I shall take to wearing a clerical collar occasionally and wait for the reactions.

('Goodness me! You're a gnome - And you're ordained...!')

Ali said...

begs the question though, what on earth were you doing that evoked that reaction :-)

St said...

I was walking across the road heading determinedly into the local bookshop. I was wearing grey trousers and a dark jacket and black clerical shirt over which I had a rather fashionable spring coat by Reiss. I'd like to think the passer by was amazed someone so cool could be a priest.

Ali said...

Damn. I'd sort of hoped you'd been engaging in a little recreational breaking and entering or something