Friday, April 24, 2009

Split Seconds

I hate the moment (and I am being a bit vulnerable admitting to it) when, having left the house for the day and without having any opportunity to change over the next few hours, you realise that your pants have become uncomfortable.

Those old faithfuls, those reliable undies, have ceased being M&S and become S&M. Why do they do that? I have a marker on my water filter that tells me when it needs changing. All my food has a best-before date on it. I get a reminder for my insurance, my driving licence and my need to scan my computer. Why not my pants?

Some years ago these pants were checked by someone called G. Or was it W? Can't recall now. But if I know my car is good for a drive to the Moon and no further then why can't my pants have a warning:

Throw these away after three years. It will be for the best.


Mr Gnome said...

Mr Gnome's No 1 self-cheering-up treat is to buy some new pants.

And after years of fidelity to those supplied by M&S (the S&M pants are another story) he has become a rather a fan of those supplied by Next.

Ever in touch with the zetigeist, Mr Tilley and his down-under discussion are echoed in today's most important news, er, flash;

: - )

carys matthews said...

It may be time to have this talk with your youngest son.