Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nothing Against It

I keep hearing this story going the rounds so I thought I'd investigate a bit. It appears to be true. It was in The Sun so that's pretty conclusive.

A man had an electronic tag fitted to his detachable false leg. Bret Ravenhill, 29, was given a curfew order after being convicted for the possession of illegal drugs. The tag was to ensure he obeyed.

The tag was fitted by a civilian working for Group 4 security. This operative failed to notice that Ravenhill's left leg was made of metal and detachable.

Police were apparently impressed with Ravenhill's decision to keep his curfew faultlessly, even though only his left leg needed to keep it and the rest of him could go down the pub. Honest dishonest man versus stupid authority figure. Score draw.

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