Friday, March 20, 2009

I Forget

Regular readers will know I am interested in brains, probably never having had a fully functioning one I self-insult before you lot have a go. Pah!

The onset of middle-aged forgetfulness happened quite early. I have always found myself easily distracted from the task in hand and so walking into a room and doing something other than that for which I walked in and then returning only to have to repeat the journey for that which I intended is a regular part of my week. I solve a lot of problems but rarely the one which I intended.

Yesterday was worse because R left a maths problem on my answerphone and it took most of the day and I didn't crack it until I was in the shower this morning.

Can you get the total 24 using all the digits 5, 5, 5 and 1 and all or some of the usual symbols plus, minus, times and divide. If you don't understand the question yet don't bother trying to solve it. It's elegant.

So why did I start this? See what a problem I have. Oh yes. Putting things back. How do you trick your mind to remember to return things? I never remember to readjust my wife's car seat when I have borrowed her vehicle, or the mirrors. Today I discovered that she, using the ensuite shower whereas she normally uses one a bit further away to save disturbing me, had pulled down the head and increased the temperature. Maybe it was the bruise and the scalding that helped solve the maths problem.

Too much information. Laters.

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david said...

I was struggling with the maths problem, then the solution hit me in a fraction of a second.