Sunday, March 15, 2009


The church/congregation I look after is a twenty year old plant in the parish of Holy Trinity, Nailsea. For newish readers, we meet in a school and provide a Christian presence on an estate with few public buildings and little sense of community.

The parish church a couple of miles away houses three other congregations and the parish offices. It is old and in the medieval part of the town. Next door is a Georgian, grade two listed rectory and a tithe barn.

There is a tri-incidence of needs. The Trinity Centre (the parish hall attached to the church) needs updating, the Tithe Barn needs renovating and the diocese of Bath and Wells, who own the Rectory, want to sell it. As it is part of the church's historic footprint and we have set a target of numerical growth over the next few years it seems ludicrous not to buy it.

So all this means that in a time of economic downturn we are launching an appeal today to raise enough money to do all three things which will be a cool million give or take.

On the one hand this seems crazy. On the other, if you want to walk on water...

Let's see.

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Mike Peatman said...

Where there is vision, there will be money!