Tuesday, February 10, 2009

They're Watching You

A few years ago, as CCTV cameras started appearing more and more regularly and the debate about identity cards reached fever pitch, a subtle, cultural shift took place. I still hear members of the liberal, chattering classes bemoan the existence of so much information about them. They seem terrified that it will be misused.

But the shift was for the younger generation to grab the bull by the horns and tell everyone everything. Facebook, BeBo, Twitter - words we hadn't heard of in the last millennium - know it all. And so much of it is dull twaddle that by and large it makes no difference, apart from the occasional spot of identity theft which is avoidable with a bit of common sense when telling your personal details to the world, and a shredder.

Here's a picture of me with some snow. Here's me pulling a bit of a childish face. Big Brother will soon lose interest.

What's Lilly Allen's secret vice? Googling herself, according to the Guardian. And indeed that was the technique I used in working out who might be my new colleague here. And it was used on me when I came here.

In ten years time it will be a standard technique to carry out an internet search on a new employee and the ones who generate suspicion will be the ones who do not have an online presence.

They are watching you. If I were you I'd bore them to death. And note there is a greater CCTV. It is watching you. And you can't hide. It has searched us and knows us. Someone already saw. Take your shoes and socks off.

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