Saturday, February 07, 2009

News Round Up

I've been doing my usual trick of a quiet Saturday and reading almost the whole week's newspapers in bed. I'll try and avoid sounding like, 'Apart from that Mrs Kennedy how was Dallas?' So let's say that 'it snowed' seems to have been news. But did you notice...

The inventor of Playmobil toys, Hans Beck, died. Perhaps he couldn't pull himself together.

And did you see the unluckiest person of the week who turned into the luckiest? Novice sky-diver Daniel Pharr was strapped to his instructor quite properly and the parachute was open when the instructor suffered a fatal heart-attack. Using his memory of TV programmes and basic military training Pharr managed to pull the right toggles to land safely.

It has been a busy week for round-robin e-mails. Most, as usual, not that funny but I did enjoy the one that linked to the aircraft landing with only one wing (Google THE_BEST_AIR_RACE_PILOT_EVER.wmv). It looked a bit of a spoof but I employed my favourite research technique which was to send it to a more sceptical friend with an assurance that I didn't think it was a spoof. He pretty soon linked me to a site that pricked its bubble. So one-winged planes can't land safely. Pity.

I've reached Wednesday so far.

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