Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I don't always give things up for Lent. A couple of years ago I managed the whole season without playing an online game, which pleased and encouraged me. I've never done the no chocolate thing.

Well, I've been set a challenge. Can I manage the whole of Lent without making any snide or sarcastic comments as humorous put-downs? My colleagues haven't so much forced my hand as suggested that I couldn't do it. Red rag. Bull.

And since that sort of knee-jerk wit, born as a survival mechanism over 40 years ago to avoid being bullied by making the bullies laugh until they soiled themselves, is usually very close at hand I may be spending a lot of Lent in silence. I hear the cheers.

As ever I know the locals will be policing this. Just don't tell me I'm being boring.


Mike Peatman said...

I can see that might be difficult for you!

Green Patches said...

Yes, survival mechanism- makes me wonder if that's why my student son reacts the way he does. But as long as it doesn't tip over into destructive cynicism, I reckon a sense of humour can be a very essential sanity saver.

Thanks for the notification of the broken St J's link on mine, btw. The place needs a spring-clean. (blog, not the college)

Ali said...

I shall watch this space with interest, although I thoroughly enjoy your sharp wit and will greatly miss it.

I do wish you'd sort your blog out though.

Caroline Too said...

how are you getting on so far?