Friday, February 06, 2009

Elbow - Press Your Red Button Now

My ex colleague at CPAS John Fryer emailed me this tip:

If you have Freeview or the equivalent and can press the RED button on BBC1 then select ELBOW in concert. They are playing a Radio 2 concert of their album The Seldom Seen Kid with an orchestra and choir. It's a rolling loop so you can watch it round and see all the tracks till 7th Feb.

Gang, you therefore have two more days to enjoy one of the best bands of the day. Elbow deservedly won the Mercury Music Prize for this album, their fourth. They are a band who work hard, love touring and playing and in Guy Garvey have one of the strongest song-writers of a generation.

This sort of venue/event suits them well. In a place such as a Carling Academy or other arena all the audience idiots talk too loudly through the excellent quiet moments. Rock bands with shade to their music suffer in such places. Sorry that makes me sound old but there you go.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, not another Elbow fan!
Not my scene!

Mike Peatman said...

Agreed a great album

You'll be talking about bands who sit down to play their sensitive instrumental bits next!

St said...

What is your scene Gill?

Anonymous said...

Well St

That would be quite eclectic really.

In no particular order

Pink Floyd, Enya, Kate Bush, Katie Melua, Dire Straits, Mannheim Steamroller, Acoustic Alchemy,Pat Metheny, Eagles to mention just a few.... and then there is all the classical stuff not to be missed - but then,not sure you are a fan of the classical genre ?