Saturday, January 03, 2009


Many years ago, before shaving became necessary let alone a blog, Mummy told me not to sniff. I was brought up to believe that people who knew how to behave carried a handkerchief. Since then, despite regular failure to avoid touching my nose on the inside in public, I have always carried a large, clean handkerchief. Bit of a trademark.

I failed to pass on this education to either of my sons who have never, as far as I can recall or observe, carried handkerchiefs unless they have a cold and then they use paper ones.

I now learn that in Japan it is very rude to blow your nose in public but sniffing is fine. Junior (who lives in Japan and will be visited this year) has found hog heaven. How will I cope?

Yesterday in Harvey Nicholls, where we went for a visit to the Jimmy Choo museum, there were many Japanese. I rounded a corner whilst wiping my nose on a handkerchief and observed, for the first time in my life, the look of complete disgust on the face of someone who had been well bought up in a different culture.



Mike Peatman said...

I love the Harvey Nicholls place-drop in this post!

Oh how the other half live!

St said...

Since it is a shop and not far away from home the wonderful thing is that people such as you and I are allowed in. Purchases may be rare although Mrs Mustard did try on a coat reduced to only £750.

Mr Gnome said...

Hurrah for Harvey Nicks.

Who could sniff at a store that employs such sublime models for its recent launch capaign?

Anonymous said...

The look of disgust is really because you are only to use TISSUES to wipe your nose in Japan; hankies are for neatly mopping one's brow, or fanning oneself on a hot day with one folded up in one's hand, or polishing one's glasses (I believe that one was allowed), or, for ladies with skirts that come up above the knee when they sit down, unfolding to drape delicately over said exposed knees, whether stockinged or not.

At least that was the state of play when I lived there in 1991-2!
(Egad, was it really that long ago?)

Happy new year to the Mustards, by the way!

St said...

Brilliantly helpful Mandy. Thanks