Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Nobody told us. But yesterday a secret leaked. We were talking to some people about an appointment at another church and, after telling us that a decision had been made, a tiny, trivial piece of extra information was given. Not enough by itself to tell us anything. A jigsaw piece.

Later, in another separate conversation, exactly the same thing happened. Not a leak, simply a gripping glimpse of another piece of jigsaw. And knowing what we know from somewhere else, a secret that we are party to but neither of the accidental leakers are, we had three pieces. Three adjacent pieces. Enough to reveal a face.

So despite the fact that it won't be made known until Sunday, and no-one can admit to leaking it, we know who the new minister will be in a particular church.

Secrets. They are hardly worth the trouble really.


david said...

It's interesting how people like to be ahead of the pack and often try hard to gain such inside information. I guess we all feel a bit smug at knowing something others don't, even though in most cases there is no real advantage in knowing it (insider share information excepted).

Mr Gnome said...

You know that thing about the Archbishop, the beetroot and the trained cormorant?

True or not?

St said...

Yes, the after-dinner activities at Lambeth were a bit leftfield.

Mike Peatman said...

Mr Gnome - tell me more

Mr Gnome said...

The cormorant was uninjured.

The beetroot wasn't.