Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Axiom again

I've lost track of what number I got up to but, in the paradoxical world of axioms, I have discovered two that are opposite yet true. The first I credit to Bishop Colin Buchanan, heard in a liturgy lecture in about 1983.

A clock that strikes thirteen is not only wrong once; it also casts doubt on all further teaching from the same source.

Today, as I immediately forgave an apologetic, and normally punctual, responder for a delay in doing something, I realised that I also allow myself to be guided by:

Consistency in performance earns you the right to err from time to time.

The wisdom trick is to know the difference.


Mr Gnome said...

Where to store all those self-evidently true statements?

In the loft, of course.

That'd definitely be axiom attic.

St said...

Too late Mr G. Rubbish gag already made at: