Saturday, December 20, 2008

Advent Thought 21

Nothing quite motivates some people like a deadline. I think I am one such. I try hard to muse on tasks, ponder ideas and allow thoughts to marinate. I sometimes attempt to get started on a piece of work in good time. But it is my experience that the approaching deadline will be the only thing that makes me do anything.

I tend to get things done on time. I have been told I am reliable and punctual. You can't spend so many years as a professional writer without realising that people will commission you again if you have a reputation for delivering on time. But it is tight.

Sometimes I scare myself deliberately by over-estimating the size of the task but I'm not that easily fooled any more.

So the Christmas cards, by and large, will be posted to arrive around Christmas time. The ideas for Christmas services are reaching a conclusion although I have freed the musicians from the necessity to wait for me before picking songs. The family Christmas letter will be posted later today. Shopping is almost complete but I'm bound to have another idea for a gift in the next few days even though Mrs T has plenty of gifts to be wrapped already.

Christmas Day is going to happen on Thursday. Ready or not.

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