Saturday, November 15, 2008


Very much enjoying Ladyhawke. It's very 1980s. A bit like a Toyah, Hazel O'Connor and Belinda Carlisle get together with 2008 production values. Nice Saturday morning feel. Good job it's Saturday morning then.


Caroline Too said...

followed your link, wasn't sure about the first song,
but then the 'delirium' song took me right back to the 80s and especially hazel O'Connor {the (co?)writer of what I still consider one of the greatest songs ever: Will you?)

Mr Gnome said...

This very night, at the Royal Spa Centre, Leamington, the glorious Toyah is starring in 'Vampires Rock'.

Have had to forego the thrill of attending as I am already booked up for Friday's gig at same venue - an evening with Four Poofs and a Piano.

There's only so much excitement a gnome can stand.