Friday, October 03, 2008

Willow Creek

Off to Bristol for the next couple of days for the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit videocast - usually the best training event of the year.

I have the DVDs of last year (and will buy the new ones). I will list the titles later.

I have been very remiss at making them available to others but if you nag me I will lend them to you.

Curses. Burned the porridge responding to previous post comments.

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Ewan said...

Good to see you down there. Really good, actually. You don't sound that busy so maybe i'll pop down nailsea sometime and buy you lunch. Or meet you at a Fopp gig! Saw post on Stu's facebook - stuff sounds busy for you - chin up. Altho, that gets harder as you get older i assume. Jowles down.