Friday, September 26, 2008


Look I'd like to apologise right. It's my fault. Purchased stylish convertible car. Sun disappears. Purchased membership of health club with outdoor pool. Temperature plummets.

Now all this rain has caused the gutters at Tilley mansions to oveflow and post-rainfall we were faced with an annoying drip for three weeks (fit your own punch-line in here).

Gutters now fixed by Rob and Martin. Rob directs and stands on end of ladder. Martin climbs ridiculously-angled ladder and works over the possibility of falling through conservatory roof and staining the sofa a bit red.

That was two weeks ago. Martin and sofa survived. Has it rained since? Has it heck.

If you wish to know the local weather - local to me that is - please call and ask me what I am intending to do next. It will be a big clue.


Caroline Too said...

There's an interesting discussion emerging about guilt and shame over at ASBO Jesus

(by the way, st, if you haven't seen that site you'll love it - really really one for you CEN collumn.)

anyway, I suggest that you take your guilt for the weather over there and see if anyone can help you :-)

Andy said...

Any chance you could not look forward to it snowing this fact, could you imagine sunshine in the Alps and maybe even plan on tanning there in Feb?

St said...

I'm going to Japan in the spring for the sensational display of blossom. On Virgin. This help?

Andy said...


Now Japan, what a place...I'd love to spend a couple of weeks photographing that country.