Monday, September 08, 2008

RIP Don LaFontaine

Who? You might well ask. Don was the guy who did the deep-voiced movie trailers. The ones that began, 'In a land on the other side of the galaxy...' or similar, in a wonderful baritone. According to the Guardian obituary he voiced 5,000 trailers and, get this, 350,000 adverts. He has died aged 68.

Although it is often joked that some people can make anything dull while others can be interesting reading lists, Don could indeed manage the latter.

'It's a story about many people living together, most of whom have never met each other. It's a story of communication, emergency and routine. It's many lives mingled yet few relationships. It's your story. It's the phone book. Who you gonna call?' At least, that's how Don would have been asked to put it.

I'll miss him.


Ewan said...

Have you ever seen 5 Guys In a Limo? It's a promo for an awards night featuring the 'Big 5' trailer men, inc. Don. Link is:

or search for 5 Guys in a Limo on youtube! Hope you're well.

St said...

Brilliant Ewan. Everybody. Ewan he right. Watch this link. I think I'll make it a main post so no-one misses it.