Sunday, September 14, 2008


Springer spaniels. These creatures collide with the game of life unable to believe that any of it is meant to be dull.

A garden? There must be a ball. There is. Now the man is coming to play. I'll drop the ball in that bag of newspapers he's carrying. Weird he wants to read the papers rather than play with the ball. Funny chap. I'll drop the ball in the water feature then bark at it. Brilliant. He's coming to play now. Why is he putting the ball where I can't get it? Now I'll have to jump into those bushes and try to get out without getting stuck. Fantastic game. The pigeons in the tree jump when I bark. Even that frog in the bush does. Why is this man so dull?

A walk? Wow. Never done one of those before. A stream. Let's all jump in. Come on the rest of you. You're so slow. Mud? Wow you could roll in that. Another ball. Throw it. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again.

Why are you all so tired? I'm not. Where's supper? Lovely. More ball? No? Pah. You're rubbish. I'm going back to that family I came from. They'll want to play having been away all day so I'll have a bit of a sleep first. Laters.

I think it is technically impossible to be unhappy whilst looking after a springer. Thanks Slades for lending us Jem. Come again soon.


Kathryn said...

I'm finding a golden retriever puppy has a similar approach to life, and thus a similar effect. Perfect antidote to clerical stress :-)

Ali said...

My kids would love a dog (a small, not scary one) for all the reasons you've outlined. Neither, however, are prepared to scoop poop, so that's the end of the any discussion!

Ali said...

PS Hope you don't mind ... I'm tagging you! Details on my blog