Monday, August 18, 2008

It Deceased

My very faithful and reliable servant PC is dead. A moment's silence please. Everything should be back up and running properly pretty soon but there will be inevitable hold-ups whilst old accounts are activated on new hardware. If you want to email me use the godstuff address, which is much more reliable than the htnailsea one as attachments seem to get a bit lost/confused in the forwarding process for the moment.

The population of our house, which increased rapidly from last Wednesday's 2 to Sunday afternoon's 23 and 3 animals, is now back down to 2 and 2 animals as the Japanese visitor has hopped off to visit his girlfriend's family for a few days and the other visitors were only here to see him. Cookie and Muffin are here again though. They are guinea pigs. They keep the lawn down and eat dandelion leaves as a treat.

I haven't had enough previous on laptops and this mouse is taking a bit of time.

Some good news. The car indicator cost £1 to fix. Some very surprising news. Saab indicator bulbs are easy to access and change. Some remarkable news. I did it myself.

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