Thursday, August 21, 2008


You don't take dietary advice off a fat lass.

When you get feedback you have to weigh it. For instance someone who always has questionable judgement is not worth listening to if they say 'You did a good job.' You can ignore the negative vibes too. Likewise someone who is always open and honest with you, regularly being encouraging, is worth paying attention to if they suggest you goofed.

I allow anonymous comments on this blog and welcome them. I appreciate that sometimes it is safer to stay behind the sofa. But I won't take anonymous advice. Dangerous habit to get into. Frankly, I don't know if you are worth listening to.

So when I read this...

Try apologising to anyone you have wronged or hurt, correct your typos . . .then remember tomorrow is another day and just get on with life. You're OK.

...a comment on a recent post, I'm sorry my friend (or perhaps enemy, who knows?) I am afraid that without a name it is useless.


Kathryn said...

So, with no anonymity whatsoever, may I ask the pressing question
"Are you going to Greenbelt"
It would be so good to meet one day

Mike Peatman said...

Good point, Steve.

It reminds me of a church member I had who used to say "people are saying..." as a preface to some criticism (usually quite small stuff, but irritating). Nowadays, I would ask who and how many, but I guess that's learning by experience.

It was, of course, his way of saying that he (or his wife) didn't like stuff.

As you know, if I think you're talking crap, I will tell you. That's what friends are for!