Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Seth Lakeman

Popped into Fopp! Bristol last Friday and Cage the Elephant were just finishing a live set in the store followed by a signing. Slightly weird since rows of calm people were standing in the aisles listening and browsing whilst manic, energy-laden punk was being performed. Felt a bit like someone requesting a rock track at a funeral - no-one ever knows, in such circumstances, whether or not to groove along. Us English and our fear of being thought to do anything in bad taste eh? Let myself go. Who me? I don't think so. Not here. Enthusiasm is to be kept private. No sir we don't actually want you to be our dog. This is a record store.

Sorry I digressed. I often do that in paragraph one so is it really a digression if I haven't started on the title? I digress. Or do I? The point? Ah yes.

Fopp! now seem to be doing live gigs and signings regularly and the excellent Seth Lakeman is performing today at 1.00 p.m. and then signing his new album. See you there? Spot of lunch afterwards perhaps? Thought you'd agree.


Mike Peatman said...

Can't make Fopp! Bristol in 54 minutes. Damn!!

RuthJ said...

Pregress, maybe? Antegress?

atlanticwriter said...

I missed it!!

Work. Bah!

Be a Goddess music said...

Nice :) I have a free download of Seth lakeman on my blog if you feel the urge to grab it

sam x