Friday, July 11, 2008

It's not your ball

I am profoundly worried by any minister who makes a statement that he is leaving the Church of England '...and taking my people with me.' Maybe it's knowing the wonderful set of free-thinking Christians who make up Trendlewood Church but if, and it's unlikely, I ever opted out of the glorious set of Jesus-followers of many hues who make up the Diocese of Bath and Wells, I would not dare to presume that everyone would share my view and come with me.

Far less would I have the cheek, the gall, to say to the Diocese, 'Oh by the way we're leaving, going to become Roman Catholics, can we keep your building?' But this is what, I believe, the Bishop of Ebbsfleet is saying here. I agree it is a report in the Telegraph but the gist seems clear.

Christianity has a nomadic heritage. God does not reside in buildings erected by human hands. If you feel you have to leave, have a go at being a community in transit. Or go to the Roman Catholic Church.

I needed that.


Mr Gnome said...

Well said!

(Not too sure I grasp the last two sentences of penultimate para.)

But well said all the same.

Mind you, the Bish of E's frock and hat are to die for - the glamour!

Martin said...

In transit like the appostles were, in transit like the wesleys were, in transit between each other's homes like a small group model is, or...

in a Transit van?

As for the glamour, maybe the Bish of E really wants to go to the catholic church because he's been promised Serengeti sunglasses by the pope?

(yaarrr, I be in a mischievous pun-inducing mood today. Still, it really is bizzare the way the press and the brands think about the pope. Brands apparently want to bag his support do to him having a more loyal following than an A list celebrity [1], yet they miss the fact that people generally don't want to look like the pope, whereas they do want to look like A list celebrities.

[1] Does the Pope Wear Prada?, STACY MEICHTRY, The Wall Street Journal, April 25, 2006