Monday, June 02, 2008

What Do You Do All Day? - 2

0745 Emails, admin, prayers and planning day. Work on a pastoral letter to the church. (75 mins)

0950 Baptism visit then call in to church office.

1100 Desk for admin. (90 mins).

1300 Travel to Wells for Diocesan Communications Committee.

1400 Committee Meeting - ends 1530 then mingling, tea-drinking and waiting around until...

1630 Commissioning service for new Diocesan Internal Communications Officer followed by drinks and nibbles.

1800 Travel home (45 mins).

1930 Return answer phone messages and emails (15 mins).

2130 Trendlewood's Men in Pub. A chance to relax over a drink at the end of a Monday (90 mins).

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