Friday, June 27, 2008

The Player

Robert Altman's above-named 1992 movie is one I've been trying to see for ages and I managed to pick up a copy in Fopp! Bristol today for £6. It's got a 2008 copyright date on it so I guess it's just been reissued.

I love movies that deconstruct Hollywood and this one, with Tim Robbins in the starring role, is a cracker. It knows exactly what it is doing and sometimes does and sometimes undoes it. There are hundreds of cameo performances and the opening scenes are full of people trying to pitch movies to disinterested producers.

Sometimes early in a movie there is a close up of an item and you just know that it is being shown because it will be significant later on. In The Player there is a close up of a coiled snake. Thing is, this is about 20 minutes after the snake has been significant.

The sub-plot, of a movie pitch (by Richard E. Grant no less) with a sad ending, is brilliantly followed through. We see the movie pitched, made and screened.

Add to your Love Movie list, buy from Fopp!, or borrow from me.

Other great movies about the movie business...

State and Main
Swimming with Sharks

And about writing...

Deconstrcting Harry
Barton Fink

Anyone want to add others?


fotofill said...

Being a Woody Allen fan I bought Deconstructing Harry when it came out on video. It is a great film.

dmk said...

I never really clicked with The Player. Get Shorty with John Travolta is my favourite movie movie.

Caroline Too said...


following the discussion of diocese and plural...

disinterested or uninterested producers?

sorry, I'll go and get my coat now...