Monday, June 16, 2008

Looking Over Your Shoulder

Don't you just hate it when people having a conversation with you are looking over your shoulder to find someone more interesting to talk to? I do. And I think I do it too. It may be a clergy thing. Several after-church conversations grabbed on a Sunday can save you hours of chasing round during the week. But it is rude. If I do it without apologising right at the start that there is somebody I'm trying to catch before they go, please tell me. And if I do what happened to me recently - the person left me alone in a room full of strangers without introducing me to someone else - then have harsh words. I'd deserve them.

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Mr Gnome said...

Oh yes - that sudden sense that one's interlocutor has drifted away.

So dmaging to the self-esteem.

My most familar version is what I call 'anecdotus interruptus'.

I'm in a social situation and am contrbuting a wee anecdote which, I hope, will end in laughter.

I'm midway and all is going well - then waiter arrives or doorbell rings and I'm obliged to pause.

Once interruption is over - does my eager audience beg my to continue? Nine tiome out of ten, they don't.

So I'm left with my anecdote dangling. So discouraging.