Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Although I've been ordained for nearly 24 years I've never had the opportunity to work directly with a curate. This is partly because I have had many interesting jobs in my career but have never been the incumbent (vicar/rector/priest-in-charge) of a parish. My current job has incumbent status but I am not the incumbent. I work in one parish, Holy Trinity, as minister in charge of a small church that meets in a school (Good morning Trendlewood; hope I find you fit and well), and in four other parishes as a senior assistant priest (spare pair of hands) and the cultivator of all things innovative. Basically I'm into mission, not maintenance.

As I have no senior colleague in the parish of Holy Trinity right now I am being trusted with the training of Michelle who will be ordained on 29th June and will 'serve her title' (be the curate) here. We're both pretty excited about the deal but to anyone with any influence, and notwithstanding the competence of my supervision, please look to see if those with training skills are lower down the food chain than you are currently looking.

And pray for Michelle and I. We'll need it.

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Mike Peatman said...

Steve, you'll be great. Even I trained a curate - how scary is that?