Friday, May 02, 2008

What Women Want

At our Film Club Extra in a few months time we will be watching the Mel Gibson/Helen Hunt movie as above and I will be doing the closing thoughts. Female readers who have seen the film please help. Was it? Did it get inside your heads at all or was it just what men thought women wanted. Speak now.


Anonymous said...

This was a film worth watching - absolutely hysterically funny.

Its really about (Mel Gibson's) discovery of what women (especially in his workplace) really think about him (a Jerk) and how his ability to hear their thoughts, changes him into a really nice guy!

Some of his insights are spot on.

Of course it's basically a 'chick flick' with a lesson in teaching guys to show their sensitive side a bit more.

Chris said...

The Barry Norman wanna-be on the sofa next to me states that it is the worst film she has ever seen. She is a bit of a snob though. I mean, she thinks Clueless is in the same league.

Mike Peatman said...

The answer to the question?

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Anonymous said...

Well it wasn't the BEST film I have ever seen, but it beats Close Encounters which was pretty much the VERY WORST film I have ever seen followed closely by 2001 A Space Odessey.

maybe I have no taste?

Anonymous said...

Not a 'great film' but lightweight and good fun.

It is really funny to compare what he thinks the women in his office are thinking and what they are really thinking.
I seem to remember another hilarious bit with waxing and tights.
Can;t remember thinking that they got it wrong at all.